Killing Floor 2

My personal blood bath – Review on Killing Floor 2.

  • Full name: Killing Floor 2
  • Release Date: 2016
  • Genre: FPS
  • Platform: PC. PS4
  • Multiplayer: Check
  • Coop: Check

If someone say that in FPS game plot is a very important part, i immediately show them this game. Killing Floor 2 goes to release by a very long patch. Same developers that makes first part of this game make a sequel, and KF2 in many sides is a different game.

Do not hide your guns, we are not end yet.

Killing Floor 2

The main task that you must complete is to Survive. There is no complicated plot, no dialogues, you do not complete various quests, do not cry about died comrade, all you need – survive until the end of the game.

With a small squad you start in an epicenter of invasion of abomination and monsters. And at that moment you do not care why this happen, who created them (although to clever persons developers leave a some hints about the plot). When timer ends hundreds of wildly monsters start to appear on the Arena, and they want only one thing, your fresh flesh.

When you have less ammo than enemies.

Combat mechanic is good, you shoot at enemies, try to stand on your legs until the end of the wave and periodically renew your arsenal – buy new guns, armor, explosive, ammo. When you kill all minions that appear on every step, their leader will show up (and now there is more than one leader) and test your strength again.

Battles in Killing Floor 2 are ruthless and uncompromising. Monsters do not know mercy, and will inevitably try to brutally kill you and every one, not allowing even a minute break. Without fear, in a full growth they will strode directly at you, ignore the heavy fire and grenade shrapnel. Flashes, explosions, cries and a terrible jumble of bodies, which no longer make out who is who – that’s what the Killing floor 2.

Anatomy in Killing Floor 2 – this is interesting!

Killing floor 2 anatomy

One of the main features of the game – is a new physical model. New engine simulate injures of every part of a body in a 2-3 variations. When you hit various body point you directly injure them, not just deal some damage to the enemy health point’s pool.

Accuracy now is extremely useful, you may destroy enemy’s head with a 2-3 ways (and this is not fact that monster will be dead). Now if you blow up a fatty, he not just blow away, he will spit all his guts all around the room in a thick mixture of bile and blood.

Together we are a lot of meat team!

Killing Floor 2 monsters

Team work is still extremely useful and it is only key to victory. Monsters will attack you from various positions and you just can not survive alone, some one (and better not just one) need to protect your back. Even if you know all arena, all your shoots are headshots this is just impossible to fight in 180-360 degrees.

Balance is not only in teamwork but also in a personal skill. If you have a master player in team, then it is nearly impossible that monsters will destroy your formation. And do not forget about Berserker class, that can defend thin ways all just by himself.

Difficulty not just increase hp pool and damage of monsters, it also add some new movements to them. Someone may do a roll before an attack, someone may perform a fast dash toward to you.

Atmosphere in Killing Floor 2 in just great. You always are under pressure. Standing back to back you feel all feel the horror and hopelessness of what is happening. And the only way to end this suffering is to end up with all these screaming monsters and live another day.


In Killing Floor 2 is an absolute TOP of the coop survival zombie shooters. Tripwire Interactive in their best way created awesome shooter without even a hint to the boredom. It can chained you for days and you even do not notice how this game will eat all your free time. So if you like Arena Coop Shooters then it is definitely your game.


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