Frequently Asked Questions

Hi there! At this page i’ll try to answer on the most frequently asked questions. Let’s start FAQ tight now!

Q:  When guide about *class* will be written?

A:  As soon as i’ll see your request in the comments!

Q:  The game *name* already released, when will be overview?!?!

A:  This is my hobby, and when i’ll be free from daily routin i’ll start writing my thoughts.

Q:  You doing great work man, how can i Support you?

A:  I’m doing this not for money, but thanks you a lot! Best gratitude will be if you share this blog with your friends!

Q:  At this blog will be a games giveaway?

A:  Right now i don’t have enough recources, but in nearest future i’ll start giveaway!

If you have another questions to me you can always ask me HERE