Driving survival – Horror on wheels

Recently, the developer of the game shared a curious demonstration of the project. In it on pretty decent speeds (decent for rusty rattletrap), terrible happens: you now chased by the terrible dudes.

Horror on Wheels

Driving survival

Amazing Driving Survival in fact that this game developer has conceived mixture of several previously uncompiled genreshorror, and races. It’s not typical or usual casual gamers, so it sounds really great.

Does horror game need a plot?

Driving survival

The plot is simple – you stay all alone on the empty road somewhere at the provincial East Europe. The weather is bad, so dark that you can not see anything, and suddenly after you chase begins.

Some aggressive dudes try to take you off the road and then kill you. This process is accompanied by a quite well-designed physics behavior of cars. The rearview mirrors can be observed, as well as which side villains will approach. True, that there you can be knocked off the road even by a small punch. Road is wet recently was rain, and if you stuck in the mud then three opponents start to break glass of your car to catch you, and if they succeeded then you will lose your head.

My imressions of this new genre


So question appear: Where here is a horror part? In fact, it is in place. From strangers you can go on all four sides. You can hide in doorways and turning off the light, wait until they disappear from sight. A good game atmosphere also contributes to immersion in a difficult situation, in which protoganist appear. Well, it probably is not all that will be in Driving Survival. So lets give some time to the Developers and wait for some more brilliant ideas. Who knows what they will add in this game to make it even more scary.

Driving survival

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