Forza Horizon 3

Review of the Forza Horizon 3

Forza Horizon 3

Nowadays, the racing games are making the addiction among the game lovers than any other games online. Yes, it’s interesting and the exciting game play makes the users to spend most of his time on playing the game. Even though, a large number of racing games that are available on the internet, the Forza Horizon 3 is one of the most famous and well known game in the present days. Actually, it is a car racing game and it is often available through the internet and therefore, most of the players like to enjoy this amusing game play. In this article, you will see the entire details about the game in the most effective manner.

About the Forza Horizon 3

Actually, this Forza Horizon 3 is the open world real racing game and it was developed by the Playground Games. Of course, this game was published by the Microsoft Studios for the Xbox One and Microsoft Windows.  Furthermore, this game is also featured the cross platform play between the two platforms. In fact, this third Forza Horizon is the ninth instalment of the Forza series.

In this game, the player can get the enjoyable race in the different zones to get the wonderful entertainment.  In that manner, the map of the game play is included with the different kinds of the places like as follows.

  • Surfers Paradise
  • Byron bay
  • Outback

Of course, this game is also featured with the four players and co operative multiplayer campaign.  Furthermore, there are total of 350 cars available for the players to take for the race.

Pros of the Forza Horizon 3 game

  • In this game, there are plenty of cars are available and all are the extremely luxurious and gives the smooth handling for the players.
  • The excellent graphics and the sound quality of the game are highly incredible to give the exciting experience of the game play.
  • This game is also loaded with the fun and the variety of the events to get the exciting game play for the users.
  • Along with the different kinds of the terrain in the game, the players can get the fresh game play in the unique manner.
  • It is possible to get the competitive Drivatar AI for enjoying the smooth driving whenever you want.
  • Maps in this game are highly useful for getting roam in the open spaces of the city with the licensed cars.
  • Of course, this game is also offered the multiplayer game play and therefore, the player can able to play with their friends through the internet.
  • This game is available for the Xbox One and Windows PC. Therefore, the players can enjoy this game through their devices whenever they want.

Forza Horizon

Cars and features of the game

This Forza Horizon 3 is not just a racing game, but it is a huge and varied playground full of the things to do in the cars.  With this game, the enthusiasts can enjoy their car driving in the open road.  Of course, it is possible to take over a squashed but varied slice of Australia. As the way, the players can enjoy the ride in the different kinds of the city streets, forests, beaches, fields and the large patch of the outback.

Added with these things, there are nearly 350 cars available for the game play and it is possible to get the game play without any rules to use it.  So, you can abuse or cherish them as the player’s wish.  Furthermore, the player can able to tackle with the car in the mountainous terrain. Of course, it is also allowed to smash out your Aston Martin DB5 car down those hills.

The map of this game is twice big than the ordinary games and it gives the detailed vision for getting the Australian sky. In fact, this sky was captured in 12K HDR for giving the clear cut vision to the route. In addition to that, the giant light source is also offered in the game play that can touch everything under it to create the dynamic and the realistic effects as the cars glisten in the sun. Furthermore, the lights breaks through the trees are highly wonderful to see. In this manner, the graphics of this game is incredibly wonderful to enjoy.

As well as, the sceneries in this game are all based Australia and so the developing team is giving more and more importance to visualize the roads, forests, buildings to be realistic and immersive.

The environment of the Forza horizon 3 is breathtaking and the style of the car and the skin deep is highly wonderful to see. Furthermore, the each one of the hundreds of cars are available in the carefully detailed and rendered so closely manner for giving the realistic effects.

Horizon Festival


The main theme of this game is the horizon festival and it is the wonderful instalment of this game.  With the help of this feature, the player can make the direct impact on the festivals for improving your performance. .

To get the progress in the gaming level, the player needs to move from location to location by taking the different tasks.  Of course, there are different kinds of the race modes available and they are listed as follows.

  • Classic circuit
  • Point to point sprint
  • Cross country

Additionally, there are also some other features are available and so the player can unlock it to avail the features whenever they want. In this manner, the Blueprint feature can allow the player to make the decisions on choosing the race and car by knowing its entire details.

With the help of the PR stunts, the player can get the old favourites like speed trap, aka drive and speed zones to know how fast you can go.  Of course, the additional version of this game like Drift zone can allow the user to enjoy the immersive racing.

In this manner, the game is offered with the wide range of features for giving the attractive gaming experience. So, anyone can download and install this game through online for getting this game play.

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