League of Legends: best way to boost your Elo rating

League of Legends: Elo rating and all about it

League of Legends is a super popular MOBA that was created by the father of Dota and a few talented developers. And their names are:

LoL Basics

League of Legends preseason 2017

In League of Legends you play as Summoner, that control any Champion that he want. You fight in 5×5 matches where you can pick any champion from 133 list of them. Also in League of Legends you can pick a mirror Champions, for example your team and enemy team can both have Ashe.

Each game is unique because the combination of artifacts (items) and champions is unimaginable. There is a ton of item builds, masteries or runes just for a 1 champion. Just imagine all these possibilities and you can imagine the scale of this great game.All champions fight in the arena that called as Summoner’s Rift. They fight with each other just to destroy Nexus of the opposite team. But Nexus is heavily protected by powerful towers, countless minions and aggressive Champions that are thirsty for your blood.


There is 3 pathes to the Nexus, and on each of them standing 4 Towers that deal great damage to Champions. Also every 30 second Inhibitors that lies behind 3rd tower spawn a wave of Minions. And do not forget about opposite Champions that will save their constructions even by the cost of their lives. Every new game Champion progression start with 1st level, and you can choose buildes by yourself. While summoner promotes his champion he get new level, new abilities and buy new artifacts, that enhance his characteristics.

Champions are diveded by classes:

  • Assassins – that kind of Champions can easily eliminate any enemy in a second with their deadly abilities, also they have great escape moves.
  • Shooters – Glass cannon of LoL, perform devastating range attacks, but die after a few punches.
  • Warriors – these champions can deal good damage and stay alive long enough.
  • Supports – these fellows will save your live more than once. They heal and buff allies and debuff enemies.
  • Tanks – These guys can absorb a huge amount of damage and still be alive, but their damage is too low to kill anyone.

Recently Riot registered 100 millions of players, and how they divide player by their skill? It is simple, Riot using Elo rating system.

LoL Elo – what is it?

Elo coefficient – method of calculation of the relative strength of the players in games. Firstly Elo was used in Chess. This rating system was developed by the American physics – professor Arpad Elo.

League of Legends ELO rating

But let’s go back to the League of Legends. In that game Elo means just the same – your personal rating that calculated in game and by game. If you perform your tasks well and win games then your ELO will rise until you will get to your level. But even if you played game perfectly and you lose, you will lose some Elo points anyway. So in fact fate of your ELO rating depends not only on you, but also on entire team. So try to be polite with your team members and always play as one team. Remember that you can not win games in solo.

There is a several ways to rise your ELO:

  • You can train one role and perform your tasks in game perfectly.
  • Play with friends and perform devastating combos with your champions.
  • Just play for your pleasure and your ELO rating will be calibrated to your comfortable zone
  • Buy some Elo boosting, that are provided by many companies in the internet.

Let’s look at all these ways more closely.

Train one role, play perfectly.

To boost your Elo rating you need to win many matches, so you need to play perfectly, know your champions, and best item buildes, masteries and runes for them. But all that games will look the same.  In most of your games your item buildes will be the same as they was in previous games and all of this will be very boring, but if you play on result this is the BEST WAY.

Play with friends to combine champions

That way is much more fun, just because you will play with friends and this is always better than solo playing. Pros of this strategy is simple, if you can perform your combos you will win almost every game and winning with friends is always Fun, but also this strategy have some big cons.

League of Legends Combo

While you play in group there always is a big chance that you will fight against another premade party. These games will be much harder because enemies might have a great cooperation and may be their own great tactics. But while you playing with strong opponents you will became stronger, and do not lose heart at the first failure

Just play for Pleasure

Yes this is the best way to take pleasure from a game. Of course there is a chance that you will meet toxic players, that will crush your mood. And the biggest problem that the Lower your Elo Rating, the Higher is chance to meet such persons. So before trying that method try to calibrate your Elo rating as high as you can, or you can always choose easy way > buy ranked boost

Buy boost from Elo boosting companies


Yeah that way is the fastest way from the “Elo hell” to the top. You just pay some money and after a short period of time you will get your account, with high elo rank, back. Of course this way requires some money, but at high rankes of League of Legends percentage of Toxic players is so low, that almost every game will bring pure pleasure to you. So it is definitely worth that money that you will spent.

So let’s highlight some of the elo boosting methods:

  • Pay per Win – you pay only for wins, services do not guarantee that you will be promoted after that order, so use it only when you sure that you will be promoted after X wins.
  • Duo Boosting – You keep all your account information and play with a professional booster in pair. This is a good choice because you can look at his game on-line and see all tricks what he does. By simple – you play as you want, he wins the game.
  • Normal Draft – non-ranked games has their own MMR, so if do not like to play competitive matches you still can order a boost. After such boost you will see how your mood will increase after each game without toxic players.
  • Coaching – Each of boosters is a professional League of Legend player. They know many secrets, tricks and tips and can teach you. You order coach to yourself, he look at you and show all your mistakes, and tell to you how to avoid them in future. So, after that training you will became a much better player than you was before.

Let me introduce one of the best companies, that provides the best Elo Boosting – the source.

Boosteria.org – Best elo boosting company

Boosteria company

Boosteria is a company that have many skillful boosters and the cheapest prices that you can find in web. It is one of the most well known services that boosting Elo rating in League of Legends. If you ask yourself in what points Boosteria is different than any other Elo boost companies, then here is some Advantages of Boosteria.

Advantages of Boosteria

Pros of Boosteria.org:

  • Friendly interface – at this web site you will not be confused by complex interface, all that you want is right before you. Also Boosteria has a bunch of really interesting guides, and i highly recommend to check them.
  • Personal Area – here you can check all your orders, cancel old one, or order another and place in in queue.
  • Extremely cheap prices – League of Legends area is overheated with various boosting services, and to take more client Boosteria just lowered their prices to the minimum. And this does not mean that they go “quantity over quality” way, Boosteria still pay to boosters a fair price and hire only a professionals as a members of team, but they lowered their own percentage that they get for each order to minimum just to lower prices!
  • Useful chat window where you can chat with your booster or coacher. Also you can leave a review where you can say all that you think about your booster, and this review will be placed at booster personal page.
  • Many promo actions and sales! For example, right now they meeting preseason 2017 in League of Legends and offer 15% discount.
  • Stackable discount – if you buy ranked boost more than once, then your discount will get bigger with every order.
  • Many professional coaches that are carefully selected from a wide list of professionals, so you will be satisfied with their work.
  • Support center will help you in any situation.
  • Most of orders goes in work in 5 minutes after the order was placed.
  • Great variety of different convenient payment methods, because you pay through G2A pay service that receives any payment method.
  • You can pay an extra price for some extra options like: You can specify summoners spells; Choose champions which will be used during boost; You can choose your booster by yourself.

Boosteria discount


Boosteria works almost all over the world except some Asian regions like China and South Korea.  If you choose Boosteria company, then you will not be disappointed by the results! That company always have amazing results, just look at them.

So if you want to play comfortable games, and do not bother about your Elo rating, then just go to the best elo boosting company in the world – Boosteria and buy ranked boost right now.



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