Shadow Warrior 2 review

First Imressions of Shadow Warrior 2

Shadow Warrior 2 beauty

Correctly placed accents in the first part of the Shadow Warrior helped the creators to conquest hearts of the millions players all over the wolrd, and does not stain the original. It was a bloody, fast and dinamical game, and sometimes even wildly funny.

In Shadow Warrior 2 we again meet that arrogant and demonic mercenary, that once choped a whole army of demons in the dust. But Lo Wang do not lose his grip and continue to practice his abilities of chopping and his black humor. Strange puns of the main character still find theirs place in a Shadow Warrior 2.

And now our hero has a job to do. At the most interesting moment, where Lo usually save a beauty or slay all bad guys, strange things starts. In the consciousness of Lo Wang moved the spirit of the girl, which he snatched from the clutches of cold futuristic ninja cyborgs. How, why, and what to do – questions and we must find a answers for them.

Actually, the story of the Shadow Warrior 2 is quite interesting, and even have an intrigue. But this game has too many primitives Asian cliche, and sometimes drown players in the unnecessary details. In my opinion plot of the first part was better, and final of that story still lies in the depth of my memmory. And this is normal, because creators hold in focus a combat mechanics, coop.


Shadow Warrior 2 big guns

Lets start with the most interesting: The combat mechanics. The developers did not change the reference point, and you still furiously slice all enemies with your catana (sometimes other kind of bladed weapons), simultaneously ejaculate a hail of bullets and do not forget dashing across the battlefield, occasionally shaking the demon blood from the blade.

Main hero is much faster now, and due to this the locations also increased. You can bypass your enemis and attack them from above, and even sneak up quietly. Now you are free to go where you want. You can even go back to base to return with more powerfull weapons.

We carry a stock of guns and other usefull stuff in our inventory. Weapons have a different categories that are known by all players:

  • Orange – Legendary
  • Gray – useless crap
  • Blue – Magic weapon

But this game does not have an armor slots, so you can warp yourself in iron or something like that. Also now you can upgrade all your weapons, enhance or give new properties (Like Fire, Frost and other damage).


Shadow Warrior 2 Catana

Fight on the blades – is unique. The player is free to strike the weakest parts of the body, for example, depriving the feet of the enemy, that he has ceased to escape. However, no one has repealed the classic decapitation. All Blades have an easy and intuitive control, that not derided with timings and other heresy, you can fight in any conditions – even when the enemies are clearly more than the patrons you have.


Nothing prevents you to call your friends for an adventure. Shadow Warrior 2 supports full-fledged cooperative, which works like coop in Borderlands. You’re going in a group, pick all possible quests at base, and then leave to do them. Along the way you loot chests and decapitate all that is possible. Coop, incidentally, help to cope with powerfull enemies and very useful for those who find these games boring.



Shadow Warrior 2 – Unique, dinamic and sometimes even fun ninja-shooter, stuffed with the best from the previous part and enhanced with an nice innovations.

This sequel is not much defferent from his ancester. But in general this is not important. Main thing that this is a bloody and fast shooter, with a nice shooter mechanics that allows you take a pleasure from this game.


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