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The review of the game Worms W.M.D.

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Video games prompt us to join hands with technology and take the plunge into a world of fantasy. Such a world makes us engage in hours of exciting activity. Video games have this magical ability to make us forget the world and get immersed in the game. Many children are drawn towards the concept of fighting from their childhood and battle scenes seem to intrigue them a lot. Wars seem very attractive to them and if the wars and the battle scenes are translated into video games on screen, what can be better than that? The Worms WMD falls under the category of strategy games and it is one of the forerunners in the category. There are many new games in this category which have made appearances and have tried to seek fast popularity by using selfish-serious strategy along with violent appeal as well as tactical weaponry. These games are apparently bigger than Worms WMD and that is the reason which very aptly showcases why a game like Worms WMD has managed to maintain its popularity for so long.

Almost everyone has a fair idea about how the strategy of Worms WMD works. This is a review of the game and therefore, we will explain it in case you are not aware of it. The strategy used in Worms WMD is simply based on turn-based action. The game can basically be called a modern version of 2D artillery games. Worms, as a game, has accumulated many names over the years but the final and newest version of the game is Worms WMD. It might interest you to know that WMD means “We’re Mighty Dangerous”. There are no significant differences of the Worms WMD with its precursors. It still manages to remain the 2D game that uses renewed design levels of analysis. The game can easily be hailed as the classic version of an artillery game. The process in which the game functions is very interesting. You will get only a few seconds of time in order to move out of your unsteady members of the squad around the map. You have to know that your turn will end as soon as the timer elapses. A combat option is performed or it might also occur that you trigger an explosive or even fall from a considerably great height totally by mistake, which is pretty embarrassing as well. After that, what follows is that the turn of the enemy and you are not left with a choice other than to watch with bated breath and hope very strongly that Al or even human component will perform something that will be very funny instead of blasting and destroying one or even more of your crew to bits and pieces. The system is totally time-tested and it has rewards for both clever positioning as well as reflexes along with techniques that you have made clever use of. These techniques are to be used by you while using multiple gadgets in order to climb terrain that is a bit tricky in order to reach a safe position.

First impressions about Worms WMD

Worms Gameplay

The main charm of the game lies in the invertebrates of the same name and the huge number of items that they possess. The creatures are extremely cute and they crack jokes laced with much British slang. At the same time, they hop, swing as well as fly across the level that is destructive in nature along with diverse kind of gear like parachutes, grappling hooks as well as jetpacks. The game is all about the skillful attacks that are launched whenever the army is in range. The attacks are launched from the baseball bats as well as the fire punches inspired from the Street Fighter till borrowing missiles as well as airstrikes.

If you are a newcomer, at the beginning of the game, there are a huge number of items. In order to get WMD’ weapons as well as transversal items, you have to play through an ample number of training games, some of which are a bit boring. Luckily enough, you will have more reasons to return to those missions other than just honing your combat skills while high scores are tracked as towards customization options XP can be earned. It is kind of disappointing that there are a number of items left since it seemed that they featured among the most entertaining ones. There are a certain number of weirder items in the WMD, for example, the Dodgy Cell Phone Battery, the Poke along with the Old Lady as well the Concrete Monkey. These items have not been explained much and they fall under the category of inexperienced players. So, they have to actually experiment while a battle is going on. Thus, they start learning about the uses of certain weapons and actually waste potential moves.

All of the items are mainly ones those are standard Worms equipments which has been built on the many previous Worms games and involve exploding batteries as well as the standard usage of donkeys as weapons. However, the biggest scheme of Worms comes in the form of powerful as well as risky vehicles, for example, tanks, helicopters as well as mechanized suits. Most of them contribute to some destructive capability to your team which will be laden with high powers. The tank as well as the multi-shot cannon will come as a boon to you. If you can navigate the slippery choppers in the right way, you will be able to distribute some damage from above with the help of its down-facing machine gun. The melee attacks of the melee suits are however not worth all the trouble because of many of the explosives they end up triggering by accident. The stationary turrets that you will come across in the various stages of the game are much more dependable. If you know the time as well as the tactics to use them, sacrificing mobility for firepower can prove to be really beneficial.

Craft weapons on the Battlefield

Worms WMD gameplay

One of the many notable innovations that WMD offers is that you are given the liberty to assemble the weapons and items from the elements which are collected on the battlefield. It makes combat even more fun since you are able to craft and enemies make their moves at the same time. Multiplayer matches can prove to be even more unpredictable because enemies only know this much that you have made something but have no clue about what it is. The crafting system can, however, be made a bit more user-friendly if it pointed out which are the items necessary to craft. Some of the recipes become a bit more convoluted since the elements are collected in bulk. But one who plays WMD will be of the opinion that crafting has become more enjoyable by the day.

Hide in the shelters

Worms WMD

The part that is difficult is WMD’s use of buildings. Obtaining shelter from the many explosives as well as the air strikes is fun. However, it is not totally safe since there are items which have the potential to kill campers just like a drilling missile or even a blowtorch that has the ability to blast right through the walls. Another drawback is that many of the maps of the game cannot make it clear where it is actually possible to enter the structures and which are simply decorative environmental elements. Even if you can make out which buildings to enter, it will be difficult to identify the entrance points. In the case of the larger structures, you might have to waste an entire turn hopping as well as flipping about trying to make out a way to enter the building.

In spite of all these challenges, you will have more than enough reasons to continue the fight before resorting to the entertaining multiplayer. The thrills of taking on an online combat war with a total stranger might sound very exciting but the charm of the game is much more when it is played locally. Along with the cost of the extra controllers, what is the greatest part is that the turn-based style of the WMD game can be achieved by passing one controller to and fro. You will find the only instance when a multiplayer match tends to drag is at the time of stalemates. The environment is utterly destroyed and ripped off all the resources in such a manner that it becomes impossible for the combatants to reach out to each other.

Worms WMD can be regarded as a highly dependable soldier as far as hilarious competitive warfare is concerned. It might be devoid of flashy 3D graphics or even actors of big budget who are reenacting lofty battles. But at the same time, the cartoony approach of the game along with its 2D conflicts is an exciting way to test the combat prowess that you possess with the help of strange as well as zany weapons. Do not miss out on this fun game!

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