Horizon: Zero Dawn sell more than 7.6 millions of copies

Horizon: Zero Dawn | Bright future

Tomorrow this game will celebrate its release day, the day when Horizon: Zero Dawn was released to all players. To celebrate this date Guerilla Games shared with their successes and promised to give a few lovely gifts to all who bought the game.


Only in a year, Zero Dawn was sold more than 7.6 millions times, and this means that Horizon Zero Dawn is the most successful exclusive for Play Station 4 in 2017.

Developers are grateful for such support and prepared a few gifts for all. Tomorrow all who have this game in their collection will receive PS4 Special theme and Avatar pack. As developers said, these are not all surprises that you will meet during this week.

Moreover, Guerilla made a video, where musical supervisor Lucas van Tol and his colleagues told to us how they created a musical theme for Horizon. To give interesting sound effects to the music they created special, unique musical instruments and you may meet them during your walkthrough.

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