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In this blog, I already mentioned League of Legends, but now I want to highlight the most popular websites for LoL that provides a lot of useful information.

League of Legends | Stats, Summoner info, Rankings

Let’s start with the informational websites, where you can find win rate statistics, pick rate, ban rate, and other quite useful data about current League of Legends champions to work with.



LoLking is the most popular website, that provides the freshest info about League of Legends:

  • Summoner’s statistics.
  • Fresh LoL cyber sports news.
  • Blog with unique articles about LoL mechanics, champions, items and etc.
  • Fresh champion guides that are updated to the current in-game patch and season.

LoLKing was founded by two players in January 2012, when they tried to look for some information about their opponents in the game. Since then five long years were gone, and now we have the most popular summoner database ever, that anyone can freely use. Right now Lolking joined ZAM team (ZAM the most popular website with a lot of useful gaming information), along with such information giants as WoWHead and TF2Outpost.

The most interesting moment is how they get all these statistics because Riot doesn’t give any API for anyone. The answer in the LoLKing F.A.Q. is quite intrigued:

We get them from Riot. There isn’t an API for it; it’s complicated.

What can this mean? To be honest, I would really like to know this info about how two common players could create a fan website and from where they took all this information.


Using a LoLKing you can always be prepared for any battle in the summoners rift. Do some researches to know what champions have the highest ban rate, and which are the most popular. You can easily choose your own region, tier you play and the preferring map. You can even choose a time frame – daily, weekly, or monthly.

LoLking champions chart

If you new in the League of Legends then this page will be extremely useful for you. Here you can see what champions are free for this week, win rate and popularity in simple cards.

lolking champions table

You mastered only one role and want to buy new champion? Then you can sort all these champions to see the most popular on the selected role.


Charts in League of Legends provides extremely useful information:

  • Most popular champions
  • Least popular champions
  • Highest winrate champions
  • Lowest winrate champions
  • Champion bans
  • Spell popularity
  • Most popular items
  • Least popular items
  • Highest winrate items
  • Lowest winrate items
  • Bottom lane synergy
  • Bottom lane matchup
  • Top lane matchup
  • Mid lane matchup
  • Jungle matchup

lolking chempion charts

For casual Elo this information may not have any meaning, but for the Gold+ elo this information will be extremely useful. Just analyze it and you will receive lots of benefits. Using this info you can counter every opponent’s turn, whatever item they buy, whatever champion they pick.


Every champion has a lot of guides that updated frequently. Even the newest champions like Rakan, Xayah, Kayn have at least five guides each, that were written by a professional LoL players with Diamond+ Elo.

LoLking guides lol

If you ever wanted to learn how to play with a new champion, you can not find any better place than LoLKing.


opgg welcome screen

OP.GG was created to provide informational services to the hundred millions of League of Legends players. OP continuously working to wider their field of activity, and right now they provide data for users in next regions:

  • Japan
  • North America
  • Europe West
  • Europe Nordic and East
  • Oceania
  • Brazil
  • Latin America South
  • Latin America North
  • Russia
  • Turkey
  • Korea

OP.GG has a user-friendly interface that does not raise any questions and give you an opportunity to receive an access to the most massive and well-organized database by a simple click. That database is the best in the LoL sphere of activity because it well structured.

OP.GG provides the most accurate statistic about League of Legends, and no one of other statistical databases are not even quite equal to the OP.GG.


opgg lol logo

This informational site have the most interesting logo history in the world, they have beautiful designers that create a lot of gorgeous league of legends related logos. Funny, serious, bright, gloomy, no matter what are they, all of them are hi-quality made.

op lol logo


Using OP.GG you can switch next graphs:

  • Win rate
  • Low win ratio
  • Pick ratio per game
  • Ban ratio per game

After choosing an indicator next you need to choose the league you are interested it. You can choose any available leagues from Bronze to Challenger, then choose a time (one day, week or a month) for what you want to receive a statistics.

Champion Analytics

champion analytics opgg

OP.GG only uses data from ranked games from Platinum elo and higher. Here you can find any win rate, pick rate, ban rate info by all roles in the game, from top to jungle. As a little bonus on this page, you can see all champions that are currently on free rotation, sort all 137 champions by roles.

champion winrate opgg

Pro Matches

opgg pro matches

Another unique option that provides OP.GG is spectating professional gamers on line. Perfect for learning new tricks and hi-ranked strategies. If you are skilled enough you can register on this website, and translate your games too.



LoLNexus helps you to find a detailed stats about allies or opponents. Just enter a summoner’s name and you will see his detailed statistics. Right now the total wins and K/D/A data now no longer available. Riots argue against from using their stats API. For more information, you can go to the Riot Developer Portal for more information.

lolnexus sample page

LoLNexus provide detailed information about every player in game. But this is not an average summoner lookup, LoLNexus show results only if the player is in active game. Active game is already started game, that at least on the loading screen, and it does not work during champion select.

League of Legends | Boosting service

Boosting services are created for a giant masses of peoples, that are not have enough time to level up their Elo, but want to play with skillful teammates.

Choosing a boosting service may be hard, so try to find a service that includes:

  • Challenger players.
  • Client-friendly support center.
  • Fast order completion speed.
  • Sales and Discounts.
  • Affordable prices

One of the best boosting services is Boosteria.


league of legends boosting

Boosteria is a popular boosting service that was founded by two Diamond players. Firstly it was a small League of Legends boosting service, but it fastly developed and now we have the most ambitious project among ranked boosting services.


boosteria league of legends boosting advantages

Boosteria provides the cheapest prices for league of legends boosting also click here for a great alternative.

Boosteria has a Loyalty program – for each order, you will receive Boosteria points, that can be spent for:

  • Increasing additional discount from 3% up to 7%. By the way, if you ever bought a service on Boosteria you will join a membership program, that provides a lifetime 3% discount.
  • Boosting discount. Use boosteria points to get a discount.
  • Coaching discount. A professional booster will guide you through LoL, and Boosteria points will make this process a bit cheaper.

Refer-a-Friend program. For every friend that made an order by your referral link you both will get 100 additional Boosteria Points.

Unique guides. And not only guides. Boosteria has a nice blog where interesting articles are releasing from time to time, and champion guides that were created by Boosteria’s professional boosters.

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