Evil Genius 2 was announced

So, everyone wants to conquer the world, and now we all can rejoice! Rebellion company take themselves together and announced a new strategy game – Evil Genius 2.

evil genius main hero

Evil geniuses – Rejoice! Another game is coming

I want to remind that Evil Genius was produced by game developers from Elixir Studios in the 2004 year, and in 2005 they closed up. Sad but rights to the game were gifted to the Rebellion studio.

Since then, the creators of Sniper Elite did not spoil the fans much, creating games only for Facebook users like Evil Genius: WMD in 2010 and Evil Genius Online in 2015.

In addition, four years ago, Rebellion tried to start a conversation about Evil Genius 2. Then the developers also planned to attract gamers to finance the project, but then the plans changed. The company decided to get to its feet first (thanks in large part to the Sniper Elite 3, Sniper Elite 4, Zombie Army Trilogy and Battlezone) in order to get enough money and publish the new “Evil Genius” on its own, do not beg for anything from the fans.

And now there comes that wonderful moment when the British are ready to say to the whole world that, yes, they really started work on Evil Genius 2. And it’s not some kind of remaster or a free to play game, but the real sequel. For PC. Although it is possible that in the future there will be versions for consoles with smartphones.

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Evil genius 2 – release date information

Rebellion said that they began a work about a new strategy in real time only in this spring. So, the release will be not in the nearest future. By the way, Evil Genius 2 will be working on the Asura engine.

Evil genius is a computer game in a RTS genre, this game looks like a Dungeon Keeper and Theme Hospital that were created by Bullfrog Productions. The first part of this game was a masterpiece, and we only need to hope that second part will be at least half that good.

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